Deck O’ Names

The Deck O’ Names products generate random names on the fly! Choose from print-and-cut cards or Javascript utilities which run in a computer browser. They are useful for players who are looking for inspiration for a character name as well as GMs who want to make game prep (or play) easier.

Deck O’ Names Card Deck 1

Names are made by rearranging syllables of real names, which makes them in general easy to pronounce and reasonable to the ear. Decks of both male and female names can produce thousands of possibilities.

Deck O’ Names Generator 1

Using the same name portions as in Card Deck 1 above, this program can generate a handful of names at a time, or hundreds.

Deck O’ Names Modern

First names and surnames from today’s US population can be combined and recombined as names for spies, superheroes, occult investigators, or spaceship crews.

Deck O’ Names Modern Generator

This program runs in most web browsers and randomly generates male or female names from the same set of data as the Modern Card Deck.

Deck O’ Names Anglo Saxon Places

Generate names in the Old English style, to add ambience to your towns and other places. GMs can use these cards to develop names in advance while making a map, or on the fly during a gaming session. 

Deck O’ Names Anglo Saxon Places Generator

Use easy software to generate place names from Anglo-Saxon words.

Deck O’ Names Japanese

Tired of Japanese character names that sound like cars or food? Generate authentic Japanese names on the fly! With these fun, print-and-cut cards you can create names for modern or historical people or places. Also includes details on Japanese naming customs and culture to add to the feel of your game.

Deck O’ Names Japanese Generator

Easily generate random but viable Japanese names for individual, families, or locations, in most web browsers.