Deck O’ Names Anglo Saxon Places




Give an historical flair to place names!

With the Deck O’ Names, quick names for fantasy towns are possible even for the naming-challenged. Use these cards to generate names in the Old English style, to add ambiance to your towns and other places. GMs can develop names in advance while making a map, or generate them on the fly during a gaming session.

The Deck O’ Names – Anglo Saxon Places offers the historical connoisseur or budding medievalist a useful tool for creating Anglo Saxon place names in Old English. This 100-card set takes segments of authentic Anglo Saxon place names and mixes them to provide over 31,000 variations. Simply print the appropriate pages, cut out the cards and mix. Then pull two, and combine the segments of your choice for an interesting and different name.


100 2.25-inch by 2.25-inch cards, each with two place name prefixes and suffixes (9 pages)
Introduction to the Deck O’ Names, including how to use the deck
interior DoN Anglo Saxon Places Cards 232x300Historical information on the Anglo Saxon people and their language
A pronunciation guide to Old English
A chart of Anglo Saxon runes and their modern equivalents
Translations of the place name suffixes
References for further information
A printable card box
One page of blank cards
One page of card backs, usable on any of the cards
Assembly instructions for the deck and box

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