Deck O’ Names: Japanese





Tired of Japanese character names that sound like cars or food? Does your samurai character cry out for a name worthy of his expected honorable death? Generate Japanese names for persons and places on the fly!

Use the Deck O’ Names – Japanese to create authentic Japanese names. This set of 100 print-and-cut cards takes segments of authentic Japanese names and mixes them to provide thousands of variations. Use the cards to generate male and female first names, family names, and place names, suitable for both modern and historical periods. Each card displays the related meanings and Kanji characters for each name segment, making possible the creation of lyrical names filled with meaning and mystery.

Do you wish to set your character on the path to good fortune? Or perhaps a tragic character has been doomed from the outset? Either way, you can use the Seimei Handan (Name Fortune) feature of the Deck O’ Names – Japanese to bestow a suitably lucky or unlucky name on each character or town. In addition, creating the perfect poetic or ironic place name for towns and other landmarks is quick and easy, adding ambiance to your group’s journey. GMs can develop names in advance while making a map, or generate them on the fly during a gaming session.

The Deck O’ Names – Japanese offers the historical connoisseur or budding Japanophile a useful tool for creating hundreds of Japanese names. In addition, the designer has included 24 pages of information and resources on Japanese naming customs, culture and history.


100 2.25-inch by 2.25-inch cards, each with three name prefixes and a suffix. (9 pages)
Introduction to the Deck O’ Names, including how to use the deck
Extensive background information on Japanese culture, language and history
A pronunciation guide to Japanese
A chart of Japanese Kanji, hiragana and katakana, the primary writing systems of Japan
Translations of each prefix and suffix
interior DoN Japanese Cards 232x300The ability to identify and use appropriate naming practices for gender or place.
References for further information
A printable card box
One page of card backs, usable on any of the cards
Assembly instructions for the deck and box

Download the PDF demo.

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