Help for the Harried Game Master

Tabletop Adventures publishes a variety of resources for roleplaying games, with the harried Game Master in mind. We make products we’ve always wished were available!  Our descriptions help you easily bring your worlds to life in a quick and simple manner. Browse our products to see what suits your fancy!


From our Blog:

Gary Gygax Day: Old-School Memories

Today the roleplaying community is remembering the birthday of Gary Gygax, originator of the Dungeons and Dragons game and the reason so many of us play these games now. Without him, the entire roleplaying industry would not exist, probably including … Continue reading

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Twelfth Anniversary Sale

It’s anniversary time again! This year Tabletop Adventures is celebrating our twelfth anniversary as a company. In honor of this auspicious event, we are offering a discount of 25% off all our electronic products, from July 13-31. You can find … Continue reading

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Pictures, Pretty Pictures

All the experts say that one really needs to add photos to blog posts to grab readers’ interest. Obviously, we’ll be adding our own artwork frequently, but one site we have found that has photos available to the public domain is … Continue reading

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