Help for the Harried Game Master

Tabletop Adventures publishes a variety of resources for roleplaying games, with the harried Game Master in mind. We make products we’ve always wished were available!  Our descriptions help you easily bring your worlds to life in a quick and simple manner. Browse our products to see what suits your fancy!


From our Blog:

Celebrate GM’s Day with Tabletop Adventures!

March 4th is GM’s Day! In honor of GMs everywhere, Tabletop Adventures is offering 30% off all our electronic products. We provide Help for the Harried Game Master in a number of different ways. Check out our terrain and location … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tabletop Adventures wishes all your player characters a Happy Valentine’s Day, and hopes they have the chance for a little romance in their lives! To that end, we have Shards of the Heart (for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and for the … Continue reading

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Tiny Gork announces prizes for Warlock’s Journal Contest

The Jan.-Feb. Warlock’s Journal Contest hosted by Tiny Gork ( is just a day from the Feb. 15th deadline. Its theme is to draw inspiration from three words (lexicon, dragonscale, and freebooter) and write a 500-word piece using those as terms … Continue reading

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