Help for the Harried Game Master

Tabletop Adventures publishes a variety of resources for roleplaying games, with the harried Game Master in mind. We make products we’ve always wished were available!  Our descriptions help you easily bring your worlds to life in a quick and simple manner. Browse our products to see what suits your fancy!


From our Blog:

They Say it’s Your Birthday

It’s that time of year again – the Overlord’s Birthday! The minions are all scurrying around, trying to fine things that will make him happy. One enterprising person made him a birthday cake with one of his favorite things on … Continue reading

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Visit Uncharted Isles!

Talk Like a Pirate Day is upon us again! If you need some backdrop for adventures asea, pick up a free copy of Uncharted Isles, a short product of island descriptions from Tabletop Adventures. It’s currently available free from RPGNow … Continue reading

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One more adversary…

After we posted 13 Adversaries for Against the Darkness a few days ago, one minion noticed that the banshee, which had snuck onto the list  in company with some evil ‘leprechauns,’ was actually straight from the Against the Darkness book … Continue reading

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