Deck O’ Names: Card Deck 1





No more Tom, Dick and Harry!

Now produce quick, reasonable and unique names for your characters or NPCs with the fun name generator, the Deck O’ Names. The cards can be used by a player who is having trouble finding a name for a character, or GMs can generate names on the fly. The Deck can be used to develop names in advance, to have some available during a gaming session, or set it beside your notes to play with as conversations develop.

The Deck O’ Names takes segments of common names and mixes them in new ways that create fantasy or sci-fi names that sound reasonable to our ears. No more random names like “snarkl,” or having to use “Bob.” By using these convenient cards you can make cool names even if you are unprepared for the “What’s his name?” question.

With decks of 100 male and 100 female names, there are over 34,000 possibilities each! Simply print the appropriate pages, cut out the cards and mix. Then pull two, and combine the segments of your choice for an interesting and different name.


Introduction to the Deck O’ Names (available in PDF and Rich Text Format)
100 2.25-inch by 2.25-inch cards, each with two male names (9 pages)
interior Deck-o-Names Cards1 232x300100 2.25-inch by 2.25-inch cards, each with two female names (9 pages)
Printable cards boxes for both Male and Female decks
One page of blank cards, so you can add your own name combinations
One page of card backs, usable on any of the cards

Also available as a Javascript program. Try the Deck O’ Names Generator!

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