Deck O’ Names: Generator 1





No more Tom, Dick and Harry!

Now produce quick, reasonable and unique names for your characters or NPCs with the fun Deck O’ Names Generator. This program can be used by a player who is having trouble finding a name for a character, or GMs can generate names on the fly. The Generator can be used to develop names in advance, to have some available during a gaming session, or have it open during play to use as conversations develop.

The Deck O’ Names takes segments of common names and mixes them in new ways that create fantasy or sci-fi names that sound reasonable to our ears. No more random names like “snarkl,” or having to use “Bob.” With just the click of a mouse, you can generate cool names even if you are unprepared for the “What’s his name?” question.

With lists of 100 male and 100 female names, there are over 34,000 possibilities each! Simply start the appropriate program, generate between 1 and 1000 names at a time and make your choice of an interesting and different name. Functionality includes: Sort, Randomize, Count, Limit to Unique Names, and Print.


A ReadMe file explaining how to use the program
Male Name Generator program
Female Name Generator program
About the Software: A simple Javascript application, this program is easily used by extracting (unzipping) the files from the .zip file and clicking on one of the two .html files provided. In order for this application to operate properly, Javascript functions must be enabled on your computer. This Javascript application will run on most Internet browsers.

interior Deck-o-Names Generator1 200x300If you are not one who likes to lug around a laptop or prefer a more tangible product, we’d recommend the handy Deck O’ Names card decks also produced by Tabletop Adventures.

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