Check out the futuristic descriptions of Into the Future, Derelict Starships, or provide a temporary landing spot for a sci-fi ship with the “Destinations” series of products.

Into the Future: Derelict Starships

In the vastness of space a damaged starship floats, abandoned in the void. Once inside, what is down the corridor? Over 200 descriptions to bring a dead ship to life! Also includes “Skeletons in Space”: find out what happens to a dead body in zero gravity. Stat-free to use with nearly any science fiction RPG.

Destinations: Cantinas and More

Use these futuristic eating establishments to whet your characters’ appetites. They are system neutral, to fit almost any sci-fi roleplaying game.

Destinations: Charon’s Wall

This dilapidated spaceport is perfect for those who can’t afford something better, or for those who don’t know what they’re in for.

Destinations: Repair Station 7-Osiris

This active space station can be a great place for characters to get a ship repaired or resupplied. However, a set of descriptions is also supplied to run it in a ruined condition, after some sort of attack, which can lead to all kinds of situations for unsuspecting crews.

Destinations: Spaceport Black Orchard

This tech-heavy spaceport offers ship upgrades, and repairs for all kinds of strange problems, but its main focus is shifting large quantities of cargo.

Destinations: Spaceport Trident Vespa

A supposedly cursed spaceport is avoided by legitimate traffic but used extensively by ships who appreciate the way the port’s staff minds their own business.