Destinations: Spaceport Trident Vespa





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From above, Trident Vespa lives up to its name – it looks like a vast pitchfork, with permacrete lanes forming the tines, and buildings around all the edges. Spaceships of all shapes and sizes gleam and flash in the sunlight. Even from the air, though, you can see this is no glittering commercial hub, clean, safe and corporate – it feels a bit more like the frontier.

The Destinations series is your gateway to the universe, bringing you flexible, creative, stat-free settings that you can use to bring life and adventure to virtually any game system.Spaceport Trident Vespa is a large port built to accommodate any kind of craft, but it is rumored to be cursed. Now legitimate traffic avoids the port, leaving it open for the less-particular captains, those who prefer a place where the staff members mind their own business.

Trident Vespa is described in three sections: an Overview, including what the port looks like from above, and information about the ‘curse’; Spaceport Layout (descriptions of the traffic on each of the three lanes as well as the port’s headquarters); and Bringing Trident Vespa to Life (suggestions to help you make this spaceport seem more real and vibrant to your players, including several plot hooks). Text is provided to read aloud directly to your players, giving both air and ground views of the various areas of the port.

interior Dest Trident Vespa 284x300The download file includes the fully bookmarked color PDF and a text version of the file for easy printing or use by people who prefer to adjust the text size.

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