Fantasy Magic Items

The “Bits of Magicka” line provides creative, unusual magic items in a wide range of values. All have physical descriptions, and possible backgrounds that can be adjusted to fit a specific setting. These are especially useful for GMs whose players think they know all the standard items, to keep the players on their toes.


Mystic Writings

Scrolls, spellbooks, and other magical writings are featured in this varied volume. A hundred unusual sources of magical words can surprise and entertain players in your game.  

Pocket Items

Here are marks with their pockets waiting to be picked! These descriptions include not only magic items of a size to be carried in a pocket or pouch, but who is carrying said items and what the consequences might be when the owners discover their loss.

Rings & Jewels

The bling’s the thing! Tabletop Adventures provides magical gems and jewelry by the score. 100 pieces from trinkets to treasures, detailed and ready to drop into your game. These are bewitching baubles: jewels for the ankles and arms, neck and navel. Shiny!