Celebrate GM’s Day with Tabletop Adventures!

March 4th is GM’s Day! In honor of GMs everywhere, Tabletop Adventures is offering 30% off all our electronic products. We provide Help for the Harried Game Master in a number of different ways. Check out our terrain and location products for fantasy, future, or modern horror settings, or try out the Deck O’ Names random name generators. Other items for the fantasy game master are the Bits of Magicka magic item products and Shards of the Heart NPCs. If your GM is into horror instead, look into Against the Darkness, a Vatican horror roleplaying game.

This sale is going on at all our various sales sites, so you can shop at your favorite! Check it out at:

The Open Gaming Store, affiliated with d20pfsrd.com (through March 6)

Paizo.com (through March 8)

Warehouse 23, at Steve Jackson Games (through March 8)

RPGNow (through March 13)

DriveThru RPG (through March 13)

Tabletop Library (through March 13)

Take advantage of these discounts to gift your game master (or yourself) with some useful, inspirational material. Any game, any time – Tabletop Adventures.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tabletop Adventures wishes all your player characters a Happy Valentine’s Day, and hopes they have the chance for a little romance in their lives! To that end, we have Shards of the Heart (for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and for the 3.5 Edition) on sale now. It is 20% off at several of our fine electronic RPG sales sites.

Furthermore, we have all our name generator products also on sale, to make it easy for a GM to select a name for the next person who wanders in to your characters’ lives, whether it’s a possible romantic partner or a consummate villain.

This sale will continue through February 27 at Tabletop Library, the Open Gaming Store, RPGNow, and DriveThruRPG.

Honorary Minions

For those of you who are privileged to be Honorary Minions (or, in mundane terms, to have subscribed to our e-mail list), please be aware that new free content has been posted to the Honorary Minions’ Secret Page. If you are not yet an Honorary Minion but desire to be (or are simply insatiably curious about the Secret Page), you can join that august group by filling in the simple form available in the sidebar of many of our pages. Once you join, an e-mail will be sent (though it may take as much as a day) giving instructions on how to access the hidden information. See the Honorary Minions’ page for more details.


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Tiny Gork announces prizes for Warlock’s Journal Contest

The Warlock's JournalThe Jan.-Feb. Warlock’s Journal Contest hosted by Tiny Gork (www.tinygork.com) is just a day from the Feb. 15th deadline. Its theme is to draw inspiration from three words (lexicon, dragonscale, and freebooter) and write a 500-word piece using those as terms or concepts. The contest prize will be a package of PDF products related to the theme words, whose total value has climbed to over $60!

This package includes the following products, donated by Tiny Gork, Ennead Games, and Tabletop Adventures:

Lexicon of Dungeons – from Ennead Games
Lexicon of Traps – from Ennead Games
Lost Pages Bundle – from Tiny Gork
Deck O’ Names: Japanese – from Tabletop Adventures
Deck O’ Names: Anglo Saxon Places – from Tabletop Adventures

Novus Draco “New Dragons” – from Ennead Games
Scirsevand’s Black Dragon Scale (published by Heathen Oracle) – from Tiny Gork

Toys for the Sandbox: Pirate Island Bundle (published by Occult Moon) – from Tiny Gork
Into the Future: Derelict Starships – from Tabletop Adventures
Destinations: Repair Station 7-Osiris – from Tabletop Adventures

You can find the contest details here: http://www.tinygork.com/wp/2017/01/15/warlocks-journal-january-2017/

Get your entry in soon for your opportunity to win this great package of prize material!

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Valentine Sale!

Shards of the Heart is on sale in honor of Valentine’s Day! Until February 27th, you can get both versions for 20% off their regular price. Written with the possibility of romantic relationships in mind, Shards of the Heart contains 20+ answers to the problem of lonely PCs. These fully-detailed human, elven, and half-elven characters are suitable for romantic diversions or liaisons. However, they could also be anything from bit players to major personages in your campaign. Most characters include scenario suggestions, an introductory narrative that can be read out loud if desired, and plot hooks for ways to use the character in your game. Shards of the Heart is available with character stats for either the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, or 3.5 Edition.

If you’re not running a fantasy game, we still have you covered. Need a name for that special someone? Whether it’s a new love interest or a jealous rival, the Deck O’ Names can produce interesting, unusual names on the fly. Mix and match the printable cards, or use the electronic generator, which runs in a web browser. All versions (Deck 1, Modern, Japanese, even the place names) are now 20% off!

This sale will continue through February 27 at Tabletop Library, the Open Gaming Store, RPGNow, and DriveThruRPG. Plan something a little special for gaming this Valentine’s Day!

Augment your imagination, with products from Tabletop Adventures.

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Tiny Gork hosts Warlock’s Journal Contest

The Warlock's JournalThe Warlock’s Journal Contest for January-February 2017 is being hosted by our friends at Tiny Gork, with an entry deadline of February 15th. They have a new approach for this contest – but here is the word straight from the Tiny Gork himself:


As a GM it can be tricky sometimes to come up with stuff, be it a location, magic item, npc, weapons, monsters, background story etc. The contest this time emulates one of the methods to overcome these tricky dry spells.


Seek inspiration in the three words above, let them take you places, let them create new places, people and items of power in your imagination. This time anything goes, you can submit any and everything for the Warlocks Journal. Well that is to say any and everything inspired by, derived by or crafted from the three words above. You do not have to use the words as words in a sentence; you can, but you can also use them as concepts and themes. Inspiration from random words is the idea this time. Let the random words spark your imagination.

Like a … dragonbone pirateship clad in dragonscales for superior protection, forever sailing in the mist guarding the ancient lexicon of the dead.

That there was a very short one, Tiny Gork grants you a full 500 words to do with as you please. Now it is true that sometimes one thing inspires another without any relation to each other, so make good use of the words available to make sure your reader understands a link between them.

The contest is open as of… right now!
You can submit your entry until the 15th of February, and you may submit up to 3 entries.Each entry must take all three words into account: lexicon, dragonscale, freebooter; each entry must not exceed 500 words (title not included).

The winning entry will be personally selected by Tiny Gork himself. The winner will receive a PDF bundle of products relating to the three topics of the contest; more info on this will follow but it will be a collection worth somewhere between $20-35 depending on what ends up getting into the bundle. All entries will be compiled into a free PDF by TinyGork, and the winner shall be declared upon the 28th of February 2017. So let’s see what you can come up with! Send your submission to gork@tinygork.com  with the subject: Warlocks Journal January.

The minions hope this sparks your imagination, as it already has ours. (The minions are not eligible to enter, but don’t let that stop you!) Good luck with your contest entry, and good gaming!

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Ten Days of Darkness: Sale for Halloween!

TTA logo purple & blackAt this time of year, the thoughts of Game Masters naturally turn to creepy things. Sadly, some GMs may not have the time they want to plan something sufficiently horrific. That’s where Tabletop Adventures can help! With our books of dark descriptions and unpleasant places, we can make it easier for a GM to set a suspenseful mood or evoke tension in players.

From October 23 through November 1, all our products of darkness and horror are on sale at 25% off the usual prices. These discounts are available at the Open Gaming Store, Tabletop Library, RPGNow, and DriveThruRPG. Also watch this space and the Tabletop Adventures Facebook page for creepy samples from the sale items. These special prices won’t survive past the holiday, so pick up a few of these dark products now and insinuate some disturbing details into your Halloween gaming!

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We Have a Winner!

Bridge over the Red River in Louisiana. Taken by Billy Hathorn, CC-BY-SA-3.0

Bridge over the Red River in Louisiana. Taken by Billy Hathorn, CC-BY-SA-3.0

We are pleased to announce that Michael McNeill has won the “Right Here in River City” Warlock’s Journal Contest. His entry, “Carthage, Louisiana – Gateway to Kisatchie,” was selected as the favorite river city. Carthage is a creepy town that would be great to drop in to a modern horror game anytime someone needs to travel through the South.

For his prize, Michael has chosen $10 in store credit at the Open Gaming Store. John Reyst (owner of the store and also of www.d20pfsrd.com) generously offered to match the prize, so Michael will receive a total of $20 credit.

The final version of the compiled entries is expected to be available in the next week or so. It will name the author of each piece as well as adding some related illustrations. Keep an eye out for it here, as well as at the Open Gaming Store or RPGNow, or become an Honorary Minion (sign up for the Tabletop Adventures mailing list) to receive notification directly to your e-mail.

Congratulations again to Michael, and watch for information on the November Warlock’s Journal contest, coming soon from Tales of a GM.

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One Day Left to Vote!

Only one day is left, to vote for the winner of the Warlock’s Journal Contest, “Right Here in River City.” More than two dozen great descriptions await your adjudication! Download the contest document and see the introduction for information on how to vote. One place to download the document is the Open Gaming Store, which not only announced the contest in its newsletter but also promised to match the offered prize if the winner decided to take the prize as credit at that store. Get the voting document now at the Open Gaming Store, or of course on the contest page here at the Tabletop Adventures website.

At the time this post is written, there is a tie for first place so get your vote in soon!

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Warlock’s Journal Contest #29: Voting now open!

The voting for the 29th Warlock’s Journal contest is now live! You can get a copy of the voting document right here!

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Right Here in River City!

Tabletop Adventures is pleased to host the bimonthly Warlock’s Journal Contest for September 2016, with the theme, “Right Here in River City.” The deadline to enter is Friday, September 23rd and the prize is $10 to use at the game store of your choice.

warlocksjournal2The Warlock’s Journal is an interdimensional book that moves through the planes always seeking new information. This month it is gathering descriptions of cities located on rivers throughout the multiverse.

River cities can have very different characters; contrast the flamboyant reputation of New Orleans, Louisiana with the quieter atmosphere of someplace like Peoria, Illinois, or the deep history of London, England. River cities can be great places for adventurers, as a river can bring in strangers or new things, or take the adventurers themselves to far-off places.

Entry Details:

The object of this month’s contest is to describe a river city. This can include its buildings, culture, people, geography, terrain, or anything else that might be useful to a GM who wants to add it to a game. The entry can be from any time period or genre, so it could describe a fantasy town whose river forms a moat and is a line of defense, a real-world city such as modern or historical New Orleans, or a futuristic city in which the river that was once so important to it is almost lost among towering buildings and sky bridges.

Each entry needs an appropriate title, such as “Stonebridge” or “Etherea, City of Angels.” The body of the entry should be at least 100 but not more than 800 words. A person can enter as many as six times, but each entry must be sent separately. Put the entry in the body of an e-mail and also be sure to include contact information; at a minimum, name and e-mail address. Send all entries to customerservice@tabletopadventures.com. The entry deadline is Friday, September 23rd, 2016.

All entries will be compiled into a PDF (with the entries presented anonymously) for voting by fans, using Survey Monkey or a similar service. (Any ties will be decided by the Overlord, of course.) Voting will run through October 4th.

The winner of the fan vote will be announced about October 6, 2016. The winner will receive a prize of $10 US, to be paid via PayPal or in store credit on RPGNow/DriveThruRPG.

When the contest is complete, all entries will be made available as a free PDF with credit to the authors. (Entries remain the property of their authors, but participation grants permission to use entries in the free contest PDF and any annual or other compilation that may be made later.) Tabletop Adventures reserves the right to add more winning places or award Honorable Mention prizes at the Overlord’s discretion. If there are any questions, contact customerservice@tabletopadventures.com.


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