Obligatory Valentine Sale!

Shards of the Heart is on sale in honor of Valentine’s Day! Until February 19th, you can get both versions for 20% off their regular price. Written with the possibility of romantic relationships in mind, Shards of the Heart contains 20+ answers to the problem of lonely PCs. These fully-detailed human, elven, and half-elven characters are suitable for romantic diversions or liaisons. However, they could also be anything from bit players to major personages in your campaign. Most characters include scenario suggestions, an introductory narrative that can be read out loud if desired, and plot hooks for ways to use the character in your game. Shards of the Heart is available with character stats for either the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, or 3.5 Edition.

In addition, Shards of the City (the other NPC product by Tabletop Adventures) is also included in this sale. While the characters in Shards of the City were not written with romance in mind, they might be persuaded by the right adventurer! The characters in this book are all system neutral and stat-free, so they can be easily used in any fantasy roleplaying game.

If you’re not running a fantasy game, we still have you covered. Need a name for that special someone? Whether it’s a new love interest or a jealous rival, the Deck O’ Names can produce interesting, unusual names on the fly. Mix and match the printable cards, or use the electronic generator, which runs in a web browser. Use Deck 1 for pronounceable fantasy or futuristic names, Modern for something from the near past to near future, and Japanese to enhance any game in that setting. All of these Deck O’ Names products are now 20% off!

This sale will continue through February 19th at the Open Gaming Store, RPGNow, and DriveThruRPG. Plan something a little special for gaming this Valentine’s Day!


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