Fantasy Terrain

Tabletop Adventures specializes in descriptions of many different types of fantasy terrain, to help GMs liven up travel and adventuring in their games. Some descriptions are short and can be dropped in anywhere, while others are more specific, to be used by GMs with malice aforethought. All are intended to help out the Harried Game Master.

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Bits of Darkness: Dungeons

Embellish the hidden places of your world. Suitable for any fantasy game system, to use on the fly or place with malice aforethought. Never have to tell your players the room’s “just empty.” 

Bits of Darkness: Caverns

Bring new excitement to your subterranean adventures; these 120 descriptions can breathe life into your underground world. As a bonus, includes information on real-world and fantasy cave exploration, and more.

Bits of Darkness: Dungeons II

Have even more ways to fill your dungeons with dread! This book includes over 250 descriptions of various sizes, from wafting odors to pillared rooms – and their inhabitants.

Bits of the Boulevard

Answer the age-old question, “What do we see as we walk down the street?” 200+ descriptions, suitable for any fantasy city regardless of the game system.

Bits of the Wilderness: Into the Wildwood

Add excitement to any simple trip through the woods! Get help for the Harried Game Master: liven up those miles of forest travel with 175 fantastic descriptions of all sorts.

Bits of the Wilderness: Into the Swamp

Bring the mystery and peril of swamps to your game! 185 colorful descriptions to make swamps come alive in your players’ minds. Also includes Swamp Kits – real-world information to help make fantasy swamps varied and realistic. Usable with any fantasy system.

Bits of the Wilderness: Into the Open

Show your adventurers just how dangerous a bit of grassland can be, with almost 200 descriptions of prairie wildlife, weather, and more to make the role-playing experience more real for your players.

Bits of the Wilderness: Into the Mountains

Bring out the majesty and the danger of the mountains! Lull your adventurers with meadows full of wildflowers, then move on to towering waterfalls, stone ruins, and the occasional pile of bones! 160 ways to tell your players more than “It’s really steep.”