Warlock’s Journal Contest #12: Pirate Places

WJ22300What is an appropriate place for a pirate? It might be a tropical island, a hidden cove, or a smoky tavern. The place might be somewhere in the real world, or in a fantasy setting. Over a dozen authors wrote descriptions of 18 different places, fans chose their favorite, and all these pirate places are now available to you!

The Warlock’s Journal is an interdimensional book that moves through the planes always seeking new information. In September 2014 it was discovered by the minions of Tabletop Adventures. In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, they decided to add some descriptions of good locations for pirates, so they held a contest and this product is the result.

Not only does this contain the 18 creative entries submitted for the contest, but Tabletop Adventures also added some bonus content: a set of descriptions outlining a hunt for pirate treasure! In addition, the sponsor of the October Warlock’s Journal Contest provided an early look at what that contest would involve.

Pick up a copy of Pirate Places today, now with extra swashbuckling goodness! To download free, click here: Pirate_Places-Warlocks_Journal-Sept2014-Final