About Us

Tabletop Adventures is made up of six personnel who now range from ten to more than 40 years of experience in roleplaying games. Our total experience also includes business, computers, writing, editing, bookbinding, and more. We make products we’ve always wished were available, focusing on aids and resources for game masters. These are things to help all those game masters with not enough time to do the preparation they would like for their games; we call it “Help for the Harried Game Master.” We also publish other products we think are fun, or that make us want to go play games!

Contact Us

If for some reason you want to contact Tabletop Adventures in writing, you can mail something to: PO Box 57324, Lincoln, NE 68505. Otherwise, for electronic contacts:

If you have purchased any of our products and have questions or concerns, please contact Customer Service.

Our company leader would be happy to hear from you. He is always pleased to listen to what our customers have to say, and will give due consideration to all comments. Contact the Overlord.

If you plan to run a game of Against the Darkness at a convention (or are considering it), we would like to hear about it! Contact the Convention Minion.

Questions or comments about our products? Contact the Editorial Minion.

Comments about the web site? Notice any broken links? Contact the Web Minion.

If you have negative remarks about our products, would like to request a minion execution, are planning to burn any of our staff in effigy, or have complaints about our company for any reason, contact the Complaint Department.

Social Media

There are several ways you can engage with the good folks of Tabletop Adventures.  We maintain presence on Google+, Facebook and other social media platforms.