Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tabletop Adventures wishes all your player characters a Happy Valentine’s Day, and hopes they have the chance for a little romance in their lives! To that end, we have Shards of the Heart (for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and for the 3.5 Edition) on sale now. It is 20% off at several of our fine electronic RPG sales sites.

Furthermore, we have all our name generator products also on sale, to make it easy for a GM to select a name for the next person who wanders in to your characters’ lives, whether it’s a possible romantic partner or a consummate villain.

This sale will continue through February 27 at Tabletop Library, the Open Gaming Store, RPGNow, and DriveThruRPG.

Honorary Minions

For those of you who are privileged to be Honorary Minions (or, in mundane terms, to have subscribed to our e-mail list), please be aware that new free content has been posted to the Honorary Minions’ Secret Page. If you are not yet an Honorary Minion but desire to be (or are simply insatiably curious about the Secret Page), you can join that august group by filling in the simple form available in the sidebar of many of our pages. Once you join, an e-mail will be sent (though it may take as much as a day) giving instructions on how to access the hidden information. See the Honorary Minions’ page for more details.


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