The good people at Tabletop Adventures love to game.  As a company, we are known for the level of detail, imagination, fun and convenience we bring to the gaming table and to our products.  We are best known for our system-neutral gaming aids.  We also offer the Against the Darkness role-playing game.  It is a quick-to-learn modern Vatican horror game rife with atmospheric horror, conspiracy and investigation themes.

Game Masters do a good share of scene setting and world building to making games come alive for players, even when using prepared modules or a predefined setting.  They use a wide range of strategies to make worlds come alive.  Our Bits and Shards products provide GMs that short bit of descriptive goodness that makes your setting shine.interior DungeonsII 215x300

The Bits are small pieces that can be stuck in, anywhere a little description is needed. Shards are slightly larger, and may describe a particular place or event, or set a feel for an area.  The Shards and Bits can be put together to “build” something larger – dungeon, city, etc.  They can also be used to fill in missing details in a GM’s own material or as a tool for breaking writer’s block.

We supply fantasy terrain descriptions for adventuring anywhere you might roam – be it mountains, prairies, swamps, or caverns.  The descriptions are system neutral and usable with almost any fantasy setting.

Characters need stuff.  Dragons hoard treasure.  We wrote the book on Treasure!  From Bits of Magicka: Pocket Items – to the Mother of All Treasure Tables, you can find treasure hoards in all shapes and sizes.  Peruse the mystic writings, rings and jewels or other items in the Bits of Magicka series to add the perfect magical touch.

Perhaps you are the type of GM that focuses more on plot and the people that your party can encounter. Products such as Shards of the City or Bits of the Boulevard may be a good fit for you.  These products are filled with street scenes and people to meet.  They supply details for encounters or other exchanges that can take place in game.

interior HallsOfHorror 259x300Fantasy worlds not your thing? We can still help!  Our products have also been expanded into the modern and steampunk genre with Halls of Horror, which features haunted house and other spooky interiors. Or blast off into the future with our Destinations series or Derelict Starships.    Sci-Fi campaigns need space docks to explore and derelict starships to salvage and we can help.

Game Masters or players who need to come up with character or place names on the fly will find our Deck O’ Names product series useful.

Regardless of the strategy you use in game prep, we believe you will find tools here to help make your gaming life easier and help you put more life into your games. We know that having a few details in your hip pocket, ready for those times when characters turn left instead of right is one of those strategies employed by every great GM.


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