Gaming Resources

The minions are pleased to present various gaming aids and free items. These includes aids for Against the Darkness (the Vatican horror roleplaying game), printable boxes for the various terrain cards, links to useful articles on gaming, and other products (some free, some not) with which Tabletop Adventures has been involved over the years.


Using Description to Enhance Your Game, by Vicki Potter, Editorial Minion of Tabletop Adventures and game master for over thirty years.

Horror versus Adventure, by Daniel Brakhage, the Evil Overlord himself; he is President of Tabletop Adventures and a game master for over thirty years.

365 Character Questions for Writers and Roleplayers – This electronic book is by Heather Grove and produced by Burning Void. (It is available for free distribution; see page 29 of the book for more details.) Other articles on roleplaying can also be found on this related web site.