Warlock’s Journal Contest #21: Ninja Nights

WJ21300What is a good place for a ninja? It might be a shadowy corner, hidden room, or dark rooftop. The place might be somewhere in the real world, or in a fantasy setting. Authors wrote 11 possible locations, fans chose their favorite, and all are now available for use in your game.

The Warlock’s Journal is an interdimensional book that moves through the planes always seeking new information. It was discovered by the minions of Tabletop Adventures, who decided to add some descriptions of appropriate locations for ninjas and held a contest for ideas. This free product contains the 11 creative entries submitted for the contest. Congratulations to Mixu Lauronen, whose entry “The Eye of the Worm” was voted most popular!

Pick up a copy of Ninja Nights today, and find a prime place for a ninja in the dark spaces of your world. To download free, click here: Warlocks Journal Sep 2015 – Final Document