Warlock’s Journal Contest #18: Entrances to Faerie

WJ18300Have you ever wished you could enter the world of Faerie? Perhaps there is a crack in a hillside somewhere that could take a person to that hidden realm, or a door to step through into another reality. A dozen authors wrote descriptions of 20 such possible entrances, fans chose their favorite, and all are now available for use in your game.

The Warlock’s Journal is an interdimensional book that moves through the planes always seeking new information. This month it was discovered by the minions of Tabletop Adventures. In honor of Spring, and leprechauns, they decided to add descriptions of ways to move into the fey realm and held a contest for ideas. This free product contains the 20 creative entries submitted for the contest. Congratulations to John Tipton, whose entry “Faerie Path” was voted most popular!

Pick up a copy of Entrances to Faerie today, and let your imagination roam. To download free, click here: Warlocks Journal Mar 2015 – Final