At Tabletop Adventures, the Overlord values your privacy as if it were his own – and he values that very highly indeed!

What we do with your information:

When you sign up for our mailing list, you become an Honorary Minion. We will send you occasional e-mails with information about sale prices on our various sales sites, product announcements, and perhaps special offers just for Honorary Minions. It is also our plan to implement a monthly newsletter.

Honorary Minions will also have password-controlled access to an exclusive page on the Tabletop Adventures website. There we may offer sneak peeks of upcoming material, special communications from the Overlord, or even free products.

What we do not do with your information:

We will never give out your information. Our mailing list is handled through MailChimp, which is a reputable company with strict privacy policies of their own. No one can guarantee absolute security, but we will do our best.

For our friends outside the US: We try to comply with privacy policies of other countries, but it is always possible we may have missed something. If so, please bring it to our attention and we will do what we can to correct the situation.