One more adversary…

After we posted 13 Adversaries for Against the Darkness a few days ago, one minion noticed that the banshee, which had snuck onto the list  in company with some evil ‘leprechauns,’ was actually straight from the Against the Darkness book and not a new adversary at all. To correct this oversight, the powers that be have decreed the addition of one more creature to the list; that way, there will indeed be 13 new adversaries. And the banshee, for the audacity of sneaking onto the list in the first place – gets to stay. The Overlord appreciates a little audacity now and then.

The link in the original post now goes to the updated version, but just for reassurance, you can download the latest version of this list of 13 here: 13 Adversaries for Against the Darkness.

One final note, in case anyone is counting: We did not succeed in posting 13 lists of 13 things during our Anniversary the 13th event, because our Grand Finale was squashed by an upload issue. No one has died because of this yet, but the sale manager is feeling a little nervous around the neck. We currently have our top minions working on the issue, and hope to be able to complete the full group soon.

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