13 Adversaries for “Against the Darkness”

Observing Anniversary the 13th has pressed us into producing yet another list – this time of adversaries (that is, monsters) for Against the Darkness. Our modern Vatican horror roleplaying game has never had a lot of published monsters, so here are another 13 to add to the darkness! Some are based in legend, while others come straight from the slightly twisted minds of our own gamemasters. These were developed by Tabletop Adventures staff for use in games we have run at conventions in our area. They aren’t necessarily highly polished; they don’t even all have the same format. They do have one thing in common, though – they can inspire the imagination, which then leads to having fun.

You can download the 13 Adversaries only from the Tabletop Adventures website, so click here: 13 Adversaries for Against the Darkness

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