Tiny Gork announces prizes for Warlock’s Journal Contest

The Warlock's JournalThe Jan.-Feb. Warlock’s Journal Contest hosted by Tiny Gork (www.tinygork.com) is just a day from the Feb. 15th deadline. Its theme is to draw inspiration from three words (lexicon, dragonscale, and freebooter) and write a 500-word piece using those as terms or concepts. The contest prize will be a package of PDF products related to the theme words, whose total value has climbed to over $60!

This package includes the following products, donated by Tiny Gork, Ennead Games, and Tabletop Adventures:

Lexicon of Dungeons – from Ennead Games
Lexicon of Traps – from Ennead Games
Lost Pages Bundle – from Tiny Gork
Deck O’ Names: Japanese – from Tabletop Adventures
Deck O’ Names: Anglo Saxon Places – from Tabletop Adventures

Novus Draco “New Dragons” – from Ennead Games
Scirsevand’s Black Dragon Scale (published by Heathen Oracle) – from Tiny Gork

Toys for the Sandbox: Pirate Island Bundle (published by Occult Moon) – from Tiny Gork
Into the Future: Derelict Starships – from Tabletop Adventures
Destinations: Repair Station 7-Osiris – from Tabletop Adventures

You can find the contest details here: http://www.tinygork.com/wp/2017/01/15/warlocks-journal-january-2017/

Get your entry in soon for your opportunity to win this great package of prize material!

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