Dungeon Codex 2009

Tabletop Adventures is pleased to present The One Page Dungeon Codex 2009, Deluxe. This impressive free product showcases the winners of last year’s “One Page Dungeon” contest. Instigators of the contest (and editors of the project) are RPG bloggers Philippe-Antoine Ménard (better known as the “Chatty DM”) and Michael “Chgowiz” Shorten .

The Codex presents the contest’s top three winners, six runners up who were ‘Judges’ Picks,’ and another dozen entries which were awarded honorable mentions. With ‘dungeons’ ranging from “The Barnacle Cave” to the Victorian setting of “The Horror of Leatherbury House” to the prize-winning “Valley of the Necromancer Kings,” there is something here of interest to nearly everyone. All locations are entirely system neutral, and each includes a map as part of the one-page description. In addition, the editors have provided a series of articles on the development of the “One Page Dungeon” concept, and how GMs can create one-page dungeons for themselves.

The e-book is 54 pages, which includes the articles and dungeons, and information on the contest judges and sponsors. The cover is by artist Mark Allen, and Mates Laurentiu of Avatar Art provided illustrations of the three winning dungeons. The entire book is in full color, but a button is provided (on page 2) to hide the color page backgrounds if desired. (This feature functions only in recent versions of Acrobat Reader, such as version 8 and later.) The dungeons, and the One Page Dungeon template, are all released under the Creative Commons Share-alike license. (See the
e-book for more details.)

Download this free product now, and discover a new tool to use in your game, whatever it may be. Tabletop Adventures is which is proud to provide this Help for the Harried Gamemaster.

Available from RPGNow, DriveThruRPG, and the ENWorld PDF Store

For those dungeon delvers who are hankering after even more one-page dungeon goodness, a single 72 MB zip file containing all of the One Page Dungeon Contest entries is available here.

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